5 tips for cheaper and more efficient ways to purchase print work

5 tips for cheaper and more efficient ways to purchase print work

A company without print work is like a printer without paper: sad. Each entrepreneur requires print work: business cards to network, headed paper to inform customers, but also flyers, posters and folders to advertise products and services. But what is the most efficient way to purchase this print work? How do you get the best deal? Read on for 5 tips below.

Tip 1: Think about amounts

The lower the copies, the higher the unit price. Small amounts are often more expensive. When the number of copies is increased, you can achieve a more competitive unit price. This has to do with factors such as the start-up costs of a print job. Therefore think carefully whether you wish to use the print work once, or multiple times. With print work with a large amount of copies it is important to check if it has a date that is no longer applicable in the course of time. Consider here a certain date or address or bank details. For example, take an upcoming relocation to a different office into consideration when printing business cards.

Tip 2: Compare prices

Request a quote from multiple printers. This will give you a better idea of the possibilities and potential costs of the print work. Less busy printers can often offer more competitive prices.

Tip 3: Choose the correct paper

The type of paper also influences costs. Lighter paper is often cheaper, but this can be at the expense of the quality of the print work. Interesting to know: lighter paper offers cheaper shipping costs. Request samples at your printer or drop by for advice.

Tip 4: Standard measurements or something special?

Does your print work need to stand out or blend in with the rest? Print work such as headed paper and business cards often adhere to standard measurements. When you deviate from this, you must bear higher rates in mind. Being creative is certainly nice, but if your headed paper does not fit in an envelope, the promotion fails. Weigh up the benefits against the drawbacks.

Tip 5: Place your order on time

The desired delivery time also has affects on the price of your print work. If your deadline is very short, the printer will have to prioritise your order. And naturally this will cost more. Therefore plan your print work properly to save yourself extra costs and unnecessary stress.

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