How do you create high-quality printed matter within only two days, to be used at every Delhaize location in Belgium?


Customer calling behaviour is used to determine which promotions and special offers are sent to which customer. This confirms Proximus’ highly personal approach. Not only is the text personalised, but the promotional images are also adapted to each specific customer. This challenge is successfully addressed thanks to our technical competence, thereby ensuring an impeccable result.


Digital files arrive every Tuesday and the work is completed every week without a hitch. From price tags, posters and window posters to flyers, folders, brochures. In other words, all of the marketing materials you find at all Delhaize locations. You name it, it’s included. And they can sleep easy at Delhaize each and every week because come Thursday, all of the printed materials are ready for use, categorised by the department.

We’ve succeeded in optimising the workflow, together with the customer, in such a way that we can both work much more efficiently now.

Guido Geraerts