(Re) experience your time at the university college at Odisee.be

Daddy Kate (DK) website developers and copywriters wanted to return to the classroom at university college Odisee. The homework? Developing a fully-equipped website to inform and stimulate teachers and (future) students!

The previous website of the university college could be described as an outdated hotchpotch of web sites from the various Odisee campuses. Today Odisee.be is a modern day Drupal website which not only informs, but also offers its visitors a real experience.

A real experience site succeeds when visitors are taken through the content without realising it. Thanks to the active offering of news facts about life on the campuses, films and other messages in the freshly designed text pages, among other things, there is always something new to grab your attention.

For Daddy Kate, who previously developed the new Odisee house style, this is the debut digital project for the university college. DK developed a modular site which allows Odisee to adjust the lay-out themselves. Odisee.be tracks the browsing history of each visitor, so the website can offer customised information on subsequent visits.

DK supplies this customised information. Following consultations with the Odisee communication team, the Daddy Kate copywriters create interesting content for both the website as well as social media. Thanks to extensive target group research, Odisee and Daddy Kate know perfectly which type of content scores or fails with Odisee.be visitors.

(Re) experience your time at the university college at Odisee.be today!

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